Installing BorderManager 3.6 and NW51SP3 - Nov. 8, 2001

There is an issue with installing BorderManager 3.6 on a NetWare 5.1 server that has had NW51SP3 installed on it, and no prior support packs.

BorderManager 3.6 will not install (as described below). The problem does not seem to occur if a previous support pack was installed on the server at some point in the past. The problem also does not occur if you install BorderManager 3.6 before installing NW51SP3.

Here is the problem, as described by a user in the public forums:

"I keep getting a fatal error at 100% of the copy just after it changes to nbmalert.nlm Says check the ni.log which doesn't contain anything I can make heads or tails out of."

And another user reports:

"The bordermanager installation stops with a critical error at about 95%. It says I should check the ni.log, but there I cannot find any error. (I tried once before installing NW51SP3, and it seemed to work). But it does not start the BorderManager, .. the installed products says BorderManager is installed."

Sep. 18, 2001 - Here is a fix from Novell

Here is recent workaround, as reported in the forums:

Here is an older work-around from another forum user who had the problem. I can confirm that this method works as I have tried it.

Missing Files In TCP542U.EXE and 553F.EXE - Nov 8, 2001

For some reason, the ability to configure dead gateway detection is missing in some of the latest tcpip patches from Novell, such as TCP542U.EXE and TCP553F.EXE. (The 553F version seems to have fixed the .0 and .255 bug present in the 5.42 patch, and it doesn't break Proxy like some of the patches between 542u and 553f). The problem with the patches was that an incorrect version of TCPCFG.NLM and TCPCON.NLM was included.

The versions from the old WEBREL1.EXE patch seem to work fine, and add a missing field back into INETCFG, Protocols, TCP/IP for configuring dead gateway detection. You can download those files HERE.

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