CSAUDIT Error 'Cannot Complete "Add" Operation' - Nov 11, 2001

If your BorderManager 3.x server broadcasts the following error message:

"Cannot complete the "add" operation, code = 0X2003A.
Make sure the correct options are specified when loading Btrieve."

This problem can often be fixed by specifying the U=1 option when loading BTRIEVE. In Autoexec.ncf add the line


before the line calling INITSYS.NCF. Edit the BSTART.NCF file as follows:

LOAD BTRIEVE -p=4096 -f=30 -h=60 -l=20 -t=15 -u=1 -s=30 -m=512 -c

Restart the server, and this should get rid of the error.

Thanks to Caterina Luppi for this tip.

A further tip from NormW in the Novell public forums:

"One problem with starting Btrieve early can occur if using DS version 7.x or later. The last NLM listed in BSTART (NWBSRVCM.NLM) will autoload both IPX and TCPIP if these communications are configured in Btrieve. If the TCPIP is autoloaded it uses default options too. What I had to do was rem the NWBSRVCM.NLM from BSTART.NCF and load it after the protocols are set up."

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