The First Edition is now ready!

On April 31, 2010, I completed work on the First Edition of my "Beginner's Guide to Common Network Services." This book is available now at the link below.

This brand new book is intended for network administrators who are unfamiliar with configuring these services on any of the operating systems (Windows, NetWare or Suse Linux) covered.

The First Edition (rev. 1.0) is 786 pages long.

A Beginner's Guide to Common Network Services

Understanding and Configuring DNS, DHCP, and Web Services on Windows 2003, Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10 (SLES10) and Open Enterprise Server 2, and NetWare 6.5

Craig Johnson
Novell Knowledge Partner
First Edition, rev. 1.0
April 31, 2010

The Table of Contents for this 786 page book can be seen by downloading a PDF file at this link, and it will give you a good idea of what the book covers.

A list of current significant corrections to the book since its release can be found at this link.

You can purchase this book by clicking here. The price is $54.95.

Please note that due to the size of the book, and a shopping cart limitation on file size, I had to split the book into two parts for downloading. When you buy this book, you will receive a single email from that contains a URL to download a 7Mb file from the shopping cart company's web site. Unzip the file you download. That file contains a README.HTML page that has a link to the second (larger) part of the download. You must then download that second (20.5Mb) file, and put both the 7Mb (.EXE file) and the 20.5Mb (.ZIP) sections into the same directory. Next, unzip the 20.5Mb file, which should result in you getting 3 .RAR files. Finally, on a Windows, you can run the EXE file to self extract the book from the partial files. (The files were created with WinRAR, and can be manually extracted on a non-Windows PC).


This 786 page book is extremely example driven, showing how to set up and configure DHCP, DNS and Web Servers with screen shots of the settings, and explanations of the concepts involved. Examples are given that show how to run DNS on one operating system and inter operate with DNS on any of the other operating systems using zone transfers. Dynamic DNS is covered. DHCP relay is covered. Multiple web sites on a single web server (using single or multiple IP addresses) is covered.

Purchasing Information

This new book by Craig Johnson, Novell Support Connection SysOp / Knowledge Partner, covers the basics (and some advanced concepts and procedures of understanding and configuring DNS, DHCP and Web Services on Windows 2003, Suse Linux Enterprise Web Server 10 (SLES10), Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES2) and NetWare 6.5. This book is available only in electronic format here.

Click HERE to purchase this book for $54.95

This book can be purchased online here by using a secure shopping cart system and a credit card. You can also purchase a copy by emailing Craig Johnson Consulting at cjcsales2 "@" craigjconsulting "dot" com, providing a purchase order number and paying by check (much slower).

By purchasing online with a credit card, you can download a copy the same day you order it!

Note: This version of the book replaces an earlier beta version. If you purchased the beta version and did not receive an email giving you a link to the updated version, please contact Craig via email or by phone at 1-480-575-0629.

Refund policy

If you have ordered the wrong book, or incorrectly ordered too many copies, contact the author at cjcsales2 "@" craigjconsulting "dot" com or via mail at the address below within a couple of days to arrange a refund. Be sure to put 'Book order question' somewhere in the subject line.

Craig Johnson
Box 5176
Carefree, AZ 85377-5176

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