CyberPatrol Rules List Doesn't Show Up - Dec. 3, 2002

Dec. 2, 2002 - updated the TID reference.

When you install CyberPatrol (LOAD SYS:ETC\CPFILTER\CPFILTER.NLM), you should have a CyberNOT list and CyberYES list show up in a drop-down list when you specify a destination URL in an access rule. If you do not have a menu option, it may be because you have a non-English installation of Client32. CyberPatrol assumes that English is the default language for the server/client, and you will have to copy the CPFILTER.ACL file to another language directory.

There are other options. Novell TID has some details.

Basically, the easiest fix may be to delete or rename any RESTRICT.LG files (in the local language directory).

Dec. 3, 2002 - According to Marcus Williamson, the same issue happens on other products:


The error message which users will see is:

German: "Die Steuerdatei für die Verwaltung von Informationen mit
einem der externen Filterprodukte ist fehlerhaft."

French: "Le fichier de contrôle utilisé pour la gestion des
informations avec un des produits de filtre externe est endommagé."

Spanish: "El archivo de control de gestión de la información de uno de
los productos con filtro externo está corrupto."

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