Improving DNS/DHCP Management Console - Mar. 8, 2001

Note: Nov. 14, 2004 - I doubt the instructions below will still be of much use, because of changes made to the DNSDHCP program since this tip was first written. I have not tried these instructions on the latest version of the DNS/DHCP management utility. (Currently DNSDHCP4.EXE). I leave this tip below for historical reference, primarily.

This tip is from Marcel Cox, Novell Support Connection Sysop.

Have you ever had problems with the DNS/DHCP management console for NetWare 5? Like it not starting unless you have lots of free low RAM, problems restarting it if you closed it and didn't reboot your PC, or general slow speed? This tip explains how to substitute newer JAVA files from ConsoleOne into the DNS/DHCP management console.

First, you must of course have ConsoleOne installed/available. If you have installed Edirectory 8.5, you should have ConsoleOne 1.2D, which is the latest released version as of this writing. Earlier versions should work, but I don't know if they work as well. Also, ConsoleOne 1.2d requires you to manually rename two files, where earlier versions do not. ConsoleOne is also installed in NetWare 5.1, and gets updated by various products and support packs.

One of the main reasons for DNSDHCP management console problems is the version of the JAVA runtime environment bundled with it. My replacing the JRE with a newer version (from ConsoleOne 1.2d.1 for example), you get a faster and much more stable DNSDHCP management console. What changed compared to previous similar procedures is that the name of the JRE changed from JRE.EXE / JREW.EXE to JAVA.EXE / JAVAW.EXE. So here is the procedure to follow :

  1. install the DNSDHCP management console. It will typically reside in "c:\program files\novell\dnsdhcp" (the drive letter may vary)
  2. in that directory, rename the directory JRE to JRE.OLD
  3. copy the complete JRE directory from ConsoleOne ( for example public\mgmt\consoleone\1.2\jre) to JRE in "c:\program
  4. in this newly created JRE directory, rename JAVA.EXE to JRE.EXE and JAVAW.EXE to JREW.EXE
  5. Now run the DNSDHCP management utility and experience the new look and the improved speed and reliability.

Marcel Cox [SysOp]

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