Proxy Unloads / Reloads - April 24, 2001

Here's an interesting problem from the Novell public forums:

"Scenario: Bordermanager 3.6 EE with BM3XC01 applied, mounted on a Netware 5.1 SP2a server.

Sometimes, randomly, the PROXY.NLM unloads and reload itself with no advice and apparently no reason.

The only message I could read on console is:

Novell Proxy encountered a fatal error: GetHTTPLine with connection in invalid state

and other errors starting all of them with "Novell proxy encountered a fatal error:......"

Then, the proxy unloads and reload again. And sometime later, about 1 minute more or less, again happens the same."

And Charles Hucks replied:

"I would bet that one of the users on your network has installed a program called HiWire Radio Tuner, or one of the derivitives of this program. (Christian Pirate Radio, RocketRadio). Although the latest field test patch that you have resolves the problem, you would probably love to find out who the "culprit" is on your network. To find out, add an access control rule that blocks and logs all traffic on port 1111. To my knowledge, this application is the only one that uses this strange port. Within seconds of adding this rule on our proxy server, I had the two Ip addresses of the machines which were causing our problems.

It is really nice to be able to give your users an example of why they shouldn't install everything they find on the internet."

The field test patch referred to was (probably) an patch called PXY13 or PXY14 undergoing testing at Novell at the time, and the code is to be released in the upcoming BM35CX02.EXE patch.

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