Opening an Incident with Novell - Nov. 14, 2004

Telephone Support Incidents

I don't know if everyone else has found it kind of frustrating to just find the phone number to call Novell to open an incident, but I thought it was not particularly obvious. In case anyone else has the same problem, I thought I would post some help on this.

I also want to mention how incidents are *supposed* to work. You call Novell, and you give them a credit card number. At this time, it costs $325 to open a standard incident, $485 to do that with after-hours and weekend support. (Half-price if you are a CNE). Incidents are designed to fix ONE problem per incident, whether that means getting a 10-second answer ('You can't do that, sorry.') or four days of intensive dial-in activity to fix stuck NDS obituaries. You have two different problems, you open two different incidents.

Here is the URL for a direct link to the telephone numbers to open an incident. You then need to click on the specific region (Americas, EMEA, or Asia Pacific) in order to get to the web page showing 'local' phone numbers to call.

As of Nov. 14, 2004, the local numbers to call in the Americas for telephone support are 1-800-858-4000 or 1-801-861-4000.

The full procedure for linking to the above URL is to start at, select 'support programs' on the left, then select 'customer support program' and then 'incident support'.

Reporting Bugs

If you just want to report software bugs, go to this URL:

If you should be opening an incident on a Novell bug, your credit card number will be taken. But if

a) the bug is not publicly documented, and
b) a problem you are experiencing is shown to be a bug in Novell's software,
you can ask (demand, really) that the charges to the credit card are reversed.

Don't expect charges to be reversed without you requesting that to be done. Do your research first to see if the problem you are having is documented in a Novell TID.

Giving Feedback to Novell

The following URL contains links to send feedback on various Novell programs.

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