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Links to Other Sysop and NetWare-Related Web Sites

(Updated: Nov. 11, 2004)


You can find some older Novell patches at


Several of the other Novell Support Connection sysops have extremely interesting and useful web sites. Some of these sysops have written books on various aspects of Novell which you may find useful. Please check out the following sites:

DreamLAN logo
Dr. Peter Kuo, frequent contributor in the NDS forum, author of numerous books and NetWare utilities, is the owner DreamLAN Network Consulting Ltd, which is the home of the NDS ToolKit. The NDS ToolKit is a collection of NLMs and DOS-based utilities. These tools are designed to assist you in managing your NDS and NetWare 4.1x network more easily and effectively, and to assist your users in accessing your network more easily.
Avanti logo
Steve Meyer, former Sysop, owns Avanti Technology, Inc., which develops server management utilities supporting NetWare Servers, including NConsole (Server monitoring/trending) and TaskMaster / TaskMaster Lite (Server CRON/Toolbox/Shell/Batch Processor/NRS/ and more).
Connectotel logo
Marcus Williamson, former Novell Consultant and Sysop, contributor in a number of forums (including BorderManager), author of numerous AppNotes, is the owner of Connectotel. Visit Marcus' web site for a list of port numbers useful in setting up BorderManager filters, and various tips on quite a few NetWare products. Also check out some of the unique utilities Marcus has created.
Caledonia logo
Danita Zanrè, Sysop, owner of (including Caledonia Network Press), widely known as the GroupWise Goddess, and the one who originally helped me sell my books, has a web site with her books and other sysops', and even some utility programs.
Insight logo

Brad Doster has served as a Novell Support Connection Volunteer SysOp for over 6 years. His "hangouts" have included the Novell Client, NetWare 4x and 5x, NDS, DNS-DHCP and BorderManager forums. He is the owner of Insight Network Solutions, a network consulting and training company. When visiting his site, be sure to peruse "Points of Interest" for links to several network and web related items and downloads.


Adrem Software at has a really cool FREE NDS-enabled remote console that is very nice. It works over TCP and IPX, and is FAST. You owe it to yourself to check this tool out!

Holger Dopp provides some packet logging software for BorderManager at his site

You can find quite a few (free) NetWare utilities at the JRB web site

Zeev Schneider has lots of NetWare utilities and some older patches at

Terry Yapt has a NetWare-related web site in Spanish at

Pagina sobre Novell Netware en Espanol. Aqui puedes encontrar una lista de correo. Bolsa de Trabajo. Eventos importantes sobre Novell. Descarga de Software y Enlaces a otras paginas de Novell Interesantes. Todo en Espanol.

Web page about Novell Netware in Spanish. Here you can find a mailing list. Job opportunities. The most importants events about Novell NetWare in the Spanish language. Software downloads and links to other interesting sites about Novell. All in Spanish language.

Capricorn Consulting has a demo of a BorderManager packet filter log analyzer tool. Their tool (runs on Linux) is free, and you can download it here. Here is the description of the tool I got via email:

The date will be updated every 2 minutes (you can change this), you will be able to view all the old log files, per entry all infos are displayed: source:port - dest:port - protocol - flags - direction. All sort functions (i.e. per source-IP or dest.-ip), links to whois and ifos about the attacks on this port in last days and statistical functions: attacks per IP / Port etc. Alerting per email or pager on special log entries.

Frank Gruber provides another packet filter log file analyzer at
The program is free, and can be downloaded directly from

Traffic Shaper is a product designed to perfrom bandwidth management on NetWare servers. Have a look at

Webspy Analyzer at is the only product I have heard of that claims to be able to analyze BorderManager extended log files.

Need to resize that SYS volume down to make room for a dedicated CACHE volume? Have a look at the RESIZER program at


Sunny Connection logo
Silvia Hagen, independent consultant and owner of Sunny Connection, also has a link to an electronic book on understanding SLP Protocol at her web site. logo
Laura Chappell has an amazing amount of information on protocol analysis, as well as training tapes and e-books to help you understand how to troubleshoot your network from a protocol analysis standpoint, at her web sites and

Ethereal, a free protocol analyzer tool, can be downloaded from

A free port scanner called Superscan can be downloaded from (Look in the Tools section under R&D Labs).

Finally, if you are into Linux, you can try the NMAP port scanner from

The following sites have lists of port numbers and applications which make use of them.

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