TCP IP DEBUG Logging in NetWare 6 - Jan. 23, 2002

It is often useful in BorderManager servers to use TCP IP DEBUG=1 logging (and FILTER DEBUG=ON logging) to view packets crossing the server, in order to analyze filtering and routing issues.

Several examples in my book on configuring filter exceptions for BorderManager show how this information can be used. Because the data can fly by so quickly on even a slightly-busy server, it is often necessary to use CONLOG to capture the data to a text file and look at the data later.

In NetWare 6.0, the data of interest no longer is sent to the console screen. CONLOG cannot capture the data unless it is sent to the console screen.

Data is supposed to be sent to a Logger screen in NetWare 6.0. While CONLOG cannot capture the Logger screen, there is an option (F2 key) on the Logger screen which can be used to dump the logger screen to a text file on the DOS partition. (You must be at the server console to use this option key). TOOLBOX.NLM can be used to copy the text file from the DOS partition (C:\NWSERVER) back to a NetWare volume.

Unfortunately, unpatched NetWare 6.0 servers do not send the TCP IP DEBUG output to the Logger screen, but instead send the data to a new screen which cannot be captured. (Filter Debug output should go to the Logger screen). The problem with TCP IP DEBUG output is fixed in later NW6SP1 patches. In addition, the logger screen itself can be redirected to a different location with later patches.

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