Problems Getting NWADMN32 To Work With BorderManager? - June 27, 2004

A number of people have trouble getting NWADMN32.EXE to work well with BorderManager 3.x. Here are some tips:

Latest Updates

June 27, 2004 - NDS -319 error extending schema. Looks like a conflict with a ZENworks 4 agent. See Novell TID 10091896.

Mar. 20, 2003 - Recently there have been a lot of reports of -601 failures trying to administer BorderManager in NWADMN32 after installing Client32 4.90sp1a. The problem is related to NMAS, but I do not know the exact specifics yet. A new Client32 patch will fix the issue.

If you a) use Client32 4.83, or b) uninstall the NMAS component of Client32 4.9, or c) install the new post-4.9sp1a patch called 49psp1a_netwin32.exe, the problem goes away.

Not all people have the issue (including me)! This must mean there is some other workaround that may be useful. For instance, it may be that by installing the Novell VPN client on my PC I have a different version of NMAS on the client side that fixes the issue. Or perhaps the latest NetWare support pack fixes the problem. Or perhaps it is simply that I have configured an NMAS login sequence for my NDS trees, by installing BorderManager 3.8?

Apr. 21, 2003 - Re-arranged the information below to put the two most common issues and fixes up front.

Jan. 11, 2003 - There is a bug in BorderManager 3.7 snapins when trying to manage access rules placed on a container. With patches up to the BM37SP1.EXE patch, if you have installed a patch that included support for N2H2, where the N2H2 category shows up on the Access Rules menu, NWADMN32 will crash if you try to manage rules assigned to an O or OU. It seems to be OK managing existing rules, but will crash when their are no rules at all and you try to add one. I suspect that the RESTRICT.DLL snapin is at fault. As of Jan. 6, 2002, Novell is aware of the bug and defect 000323856 has been assigned.

1. Delete .LG Files in the SYS:PUBLIC/WIN32/NLS/ENGLISH Directory

If you get'unsupported operation' errors and NWADMN32 crashes, delete at least the sys:\public\win32\nls\english\restrict.lg file. I just delete all the .LG files in that directory.

See TID 10025511 at for some details and general NWADMN32 issues help.

2. You may need to put a snapin into a different directory

If you get errors about 3 of the BorderManager snapins not being found in the path, try this tip. Copy the NLSAPI32.DLL from SYS:PUBLIC to SYS:PUBLIC\WIN32.

3. Rerun the BorderManager snapin Setup program

You may have installed a patch that updates the BorderManager NLM's, but did not at the same time update the WIN32\SNAPINS directory with newer, required snapins. Go to the BorderManager server and run the SYS:PUBLIC\BRDRMGR\SNAPINS\SETUP.EXE program. This is even more true if you typically run NWADMN32 from a server other than the BorderManager server.

4. Invalid BorderManager snapin modules errors?

Create a shortcut to NWADMN32.EXE using the path \\<servername>\sys\public\win32, and then put \\<servername>\sys\public in the 'starts in' field of the link. The 'target' value should be: \\<servername>\sys\public\win32.

Thanks to Peter J. Van Der Maas and Greg Michael for this one.

5. "No BorderManager Licenses Available" messages come up?

"I was working on a network that started with 3 * NW5.0 servers. I installed two new NW5.1 servers, and installed BorderManager3.5EE on one. As I was working on the server I was always authenticated to that server. Then came the fun part..... When starting the knowledge transfer for the basic management of BM, I was in the clients office and using the clients PC. Nwadmn32 loaded but when the BorderManager setup or Access rules were selected the error message "No BorderManager Licenses available" is displayed in the main panel. This is the same error message that can occur with BM3.0 but is NOT caused by the same problem.

The problem was not repeated on my laptop! The clue to the problem lay in looking at the NLS_LSP_<servername> object. the first two panels look fine, but the third panel gave an error message to the effect that notify configuration was only available on V5 of NLS. If the client workstation had a connection to a NW5.1 server (and hence V5 of NLS) there were no problems, but of no NW5.1 authentication existed, then the BM configuration failed."
Thanks to Tim Heywood for this tip.

Also, look at TID 2954946, "BorderManager 3.0 License Fix", which discusses the BM3LICFX.EXE patch, if you are using BorderManager 3.0.

6. What snapins should I have?

This is NOT a comprehensive list, but it may help some people to see what I have in my BorderManager test servers (which I run at home, not in production, and they tend to have beta patches on them...)

This is before BM35SP2 or BM3SP3, by the way.

BorderManager 3.5 / NetWare 5.0

Volume in drive K is SYS
Directory of K:\public\WIN32\SNAPINS
.. <DIR>..
AUDIT32 DLL 11,776 03-02-00 4:09p AUDIT32.DLL
RADSNAP DLL 304,128 05-31-99 10:44p RADSNAP.DLL
ALERT DLL 85,504 05-19-99 4:45p ALERT.DLL
RESTRICT DLL 343,040 09-15-99 10:41a RESTRICT.DLL
NWCADM32 DLL 71,680 06-02-98 6:33p NWCADM32.DLL
BSMON DLL 803,328 09-14-99 12:07p BSMON.DLL
PKISNAP DLL 447,488 02-18-99 2:40p PKISNAP.DLL
ADMSNAP DLL 192,000 05-31-99 10:47p ADMSNAP.DLL
NLSMGR32 DLL 556,544 02-29-00 5:17p NLSMGR32.DLL
ACNWAUTH DL_ 225,280 06-01-99 10:20a ACNWAUTH.DL_
BSCOV DLL 119,296 09-15-99 10:19a BSCOV.DLL
INI <DIR> 06-25-00 11:37a Ini
95ONLY <DIR> 06-25-00 11:48a 95ONLY
NTONLY <DIR> 06-25-00 11:48a NTONLY
12 file(s) 3,160,064 bytes
5 dir(s) 3,261,267,968 bytes free

(You may note that I have renamed ACNWAUTH.DLL so that it will not run. It causes my NWADMN32 to GPF on loading, and I don't use that snapin, so I disabled it. That snapin is for ActivCard authentication objects).

BorderManager 3.0 / NetWare 4.11

Volume in drive I is SYS
Directory of I:\PUBLIC\WIN32\SNAPINS
. <DIR>.
.. <DIR> ..
NLSMGR32 DLL 556,544 02-29-00 5:17p NLSMGR32.DLL
ALERT DLL 76,288 10-12-98 2:24p ALERT.DLL
BSCOV DLL 117,760 11-23-99 3:51p BSCOV.DLL
RESTRICT DLL 342,016 12-03-99 1:29p RESTRICT.DLL
NWCADM32 DLL 71,680 06-02-98 6:33p NWCADM32.DLL
BSMON DLL 803,328 11-23-99 4:05p BSMON.DLL
AUDIT32 DLL 11,776 03-02-00 4:09p AUDIT32.DLL
PKISNAP DLL 447,488 02-18-99 2:40p PKISNAP.DLL
ADMSNAP DLL 192,000 05-31-99 10:47p ADMSNAP.DLL
INI <DIR> 07-19-00 8:59a INI
10 file(s) 2,618,880 bytes
3 dir(s) 232,718,336 bytes free

Note that you may have to manually update snapins for servers when running NWADMN32 from other than the BorderManager server itself. See the notes on my current patch list tip #1.

7. Be sure you are using NWADMN32 version 5.19f

This should be easy since the new version comes standard on NW 5.1, is included with the latest support packs for NetWare 4.11/4.2, and is available in the ADMN519F.EXE patch. I'm not real sure where it is supposed to come from for NetWare 5.0 as it doesn't appear in the support packs, and I don't think it was standard on the installation CD.

8. You may have too many snapins loading

If you are trying to run all kinds of services from one server through NWADMN32, you will probably have problems somewhere, usually when NWADMN32 shuts down (errors, crashes, have to ctrl-alt-del to shut down Graphics Server) or when NWADMN32 starts up (NLS Language resource error message). Even with NWADMN32 v5.19f, there is a limit to how many snapins can be loaded. Although I don't know that the BorderManager snapins will not load it there are too many snapins, you may want to create another WIN32 directory (WIN33?) and copy only the BorderManager snapins to a SNAPINS directory under that new directory.

I will add more NWADMN32 / BorderManager tips as I come across them.

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