Fixing the non-stateful POP3-ST filter exception in BorderManager 3.5 - February 2000

FYI: as of June 24, 2000 this information (finally) has been converted to a Novell Tid, number 10050619.

The Novell-supplied filter definition called POP3-ST in BorderManager 3.5 has a little problem - Novell didn't enable the Stateful attribute on this supposedly stateful filter definition!&& If you look at the filter definition in FILTCFG.NLM, you will see that the filter is NOT stateful.& What's more, since the filter definition is a built-in definition, you are not allowed to edit it, or replace it with another by the same name.& Most people simply create a new definition with a slightly different name, like POP3A-ST, and enable the stateful attribute there.& I got curious and decided to see if I could fix the basic problem to start with.& I have no idea why Novell hasn't fixed the problem with a patch yet.

The Novell-supplied filter definitions are in a file in SYS:ETC called BUILTINS.CFG.& Editing this file is all that you need to do to fix the filter definition.& However, I do not know if there are any problems in replacing this file on a production server.& (I don't think so - my test servers had no problems after this fix).

1. The SYS:ETC\BUILTINS.CFG file is a text file flagged read-only, so you must first flag it as normal in order to edit it. Change to the sys:etc directory and execute


That should change the status to normal.

2. Next, use a text editor to change the one line in the file for POP3 from:

PROTOCOL-SERVICE IP, pop3-st, pid=TCP port=110 srcport=<All>, Stateful POP3 Service

to (adding the text stfilt=1):

PROTOCOL-SERVICE IP, pop3-st, pid=TCP port=110 srcport=<All> stfilt=1, Stateful POP3 Service

Do not add a comma before the 'stfilt=1'.

3. Reboot the server.

Now you should have a POP3-ST filter definition that is actually stateful!

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