A Quick Guide to Configuring NetWare RADIUS (NMAS Version)

First Edition, Beta Revision 1
September 7, 2005
Craig Johnson
Novell Support Connection SysOp

46 Pages.

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What This Quick Guide is About

The purpose of this guide is to help readers configure the NMAS version of RADIUS on a NetWare server. The NMAS version of RADIUS is the version that comes with BorderManager 3.8. This guide is short and to the point - it shows all the steps that are necessary to get a basic RADIUS server working on NetWare. Some troubleshooting techniques and debug commands are also shown, along with several commmon errors and their causes.
I wrote this guide originally to give me some reference material for the steps needed to configure a NetWare server as a RADIUS server, since I did not configure RADIUS often enough to simply remember all the steps.

One of the frequent complaints that most users I have spoken with have about documentation on Novell products is that there are not enough examples. I have tried to address that concern in this book by essentially making it one big example, with screenshots showing every step needed to configure the product. As is true with most people, I find it easier to understand the theory behind a complex networking function when I can see an example.

This guide is NOT really a book - it is simply too short (in my opinion) to qualify as a book. That is why I call it a quick guide. The guide shows one example of a basic RADIUS configuration, and does not attempt to show, or cover in any way, how to do RADIUS profiles (for extended hardware-specific attributes) or such things as configuring logging or callback features. It is short and to the point - get a simple RADIUS server working, and get it working fast.

What is a Beta Version?

When I first release a new version (or an updated version) of one of my electronic books/guides, I release it in a beta version. I request that readers email me their comments on what I might add to make the document better, and especially to point out any typographical (or other) errors. Usually, after a month or two, I revise the document, and put a finished version up for sale. I email all purchasers of the beta version with instructions on how to get an updated version for free. I also any significant corrections to the beta version online.

Purchasing Information

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About the Author

Craig Johnson has been working with computers since he wrote his first program in college at Purdue University in 1971. Currently Craig owns his own consulting business based in Phoenix, Arizona and working on projects around the continent (and beyond). Many of Craig's clients became familiar with him through his Novell public forum work, BrainShare sessions or books.

Craig has been a Novell Support Connection Sysop since 1997, and he specializes in the BorderManager forums at support-forums.novell.com (NNTP). Craig has been working with BorderManager since before the official release of BorderManager version 1. Through the Novell Support Connection forums, Craig has provided advice on several thousand BorderManager installations.

Craig is the only non-Novell employee on the BorderManager Core Development Team.

Craig has also presented sessions on BorderManager packet filtering and BorderManager troubleshooting at the Novell BrainShare seminar in Salt Lake City.

When not spending 12 hours per day at a computer, Craig likes to work out in Taekwondo, where he holds the rank of Black Belt, fourth degree and is a certified instructor.

Most days, Craig can be reached via the Novell Support Connection Public Forums, in the BorderManager sections. His web site is http://www.craigjconsulting.com. Craig is available for hire, and does the majority of his consulting work over the Internet, with clients all over the world.

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