Getting NetWare 5.1 Runtime Software - Jan. 15, 2002

BorderManager 3.6 originally shipped with NetWare 5.0 runtime software. (Which means it has a NetWare 5.0 CD, coupled with a special set of licenses - a 'runtime' server connection license, and a 3-user user connection license tied to the runtime server connection license).

However, since NetWare 5.0 went end-of-life before BorderManager 3.6 did, this led to a situation where BorderManager could be shipping with an OS that was already not supported by Novell!

In August 2002, Novell announced that BorderManager would 3.6 would start (at some point) shipping with NetWare 5.1 runtime software. For those buyers who received BorderManager 3.6 with NetWare 5.0 runtime, it is possible to get a (free) copy of NetWare 5.1 runtime. You need to call Novell and request it. Here are the requirements

NOTE: Nov. 13, 2004 - This offer has long since expired. You can no longer get runtime licenses of any kind from Novell. The information below is retained in this tip for historical reference only.

1. You must have purchased upgrade protection or have a maintenance contract, OR
2. You must have recently purchased a red-box copy of BorderManager 3.6 that was mistakenly sent out with a copy of NetWare 5.0 runtime instead of NetWare 5.1 runtime. The latest word (as of August 31, 2001) is that ALL copies of BorderManager 3.6 are supposed to be eligible for the NetWare 5.1 runtime. If you hear otherwise from a Novell representative, tell him/her that this word comes from the BorderManager Product Manager directly.

Contact the Novell Customer Response Center through the normal procedures for your area. The Customer Response Center is fulfilling these requests with P/N 00662644400198 (NW 5.1 runtime).

Update as of Jan. 15, 2002

When do I need a user license for Novell BorderManager?

NBM is licensed by user, not by server. Like the new NetWare model, you may have as many servers as you need.

A BorderManager “user” (for licensing purposes) is anyone who authenticates to a BorderManager service. The following services do not involve user authentication and do not require users to be licensed:

The following services require a user license for each user that has rights in NDS to use the service:

When am I entitled to a NetWare runtime and how do I get it?

BorderManager 3.6 shipped with a NetWare 5.0 runtime in the box. That was changed to NW 5.1 in a blind revision. Technically, if a customer ends up with a box containing 5.0, they are not “entitled” to a runtime of 5.1. However we have been supplying free copies to those who ask via the CRC. The system has not worked smoothly (especially overseas) because it was never a formal policy. If you have a customer who needs the 5.1 runtime who is having trouble getting it, contact me directly.

No future BorderManager version will ship with a NetWare runtime in the box. We are working to make a NetWare 5.1 3-user runtime available on the price list at a reasonable cost. With the new NetWare licensing model, this would only be for NBM 3.7 customers who do not have any NetWare 5.1 or 6.0 (the two supported NetWare versions).

Scott Jones, Master CNE
Product Manager - Novell BorderManager

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