How to Find the Information You Want at Novell - August 3, 2000

It occurred to me that most people do not know a simple trick for finding information in the Knowledgebase at This tip may save you a LOT of time, because it helps you to zero in on only the information you are really intested in. It is simply the syntax needed to properly do a boolean search at

Novell's search engine is a little non-standard. You can search for multiple terms, but if you want to limit the answers to pages that have only the terms you want, you need to use a capitalized AND between search terms. That's correct - this command is case-sensitive. I find that it works best if you use only two search terms. Here's an example (I apologize for the low-quality graphics):

1. Search the knowledgebase using the following terms:

proxy tuning

and you may get a result like this:

2. Search the Knowledgebase THIS way, and you are much better off:

proxy AND tuning

Notice how the results are much more specific.

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