ACLCHECK Reads Rules Very Slowly - Mar. 9, 2001

This tip applies to at least BorderManager 3.6 running on NetWare 4.11, 5.0 and 5.1.

If you install NetWare, then patch it with the latest support packet (such as NW51SP2A), and then install BorderManager 3.6 (and later BorderManager 3.6 patches like BM35SP2.EXE and BM3XC01.EXE), some critical newer files from the support pack get overwritten. The problem is that an install script bug copies in the older NIAS files from the BorderManager 3.6 CD, even over newer files.

One symptom is that you can end up with an older version of NETDB (and other files). The BorderManager 3.6 server may then be very slow in refreshing access rules, with ACLCHECK taking several minutes to read them.

Reapplying the latest NetWare support pack AFTER installing BorderManager 3.6 to replace the older files.

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