Uninstalling the BorderManager Enhancement Pack - June 2000

Note: Nov. 14, 2004 - This tip is quite obsolete now. Later patches for BorderManager 3.5 not only included the enhanced features from the Enhancement Pack, they also properly upgraded the server. But when this tip was written, the situation was ugly, in that there was no clean upgrade path to later BorderManager 3.5 patches for a while.

Why would you want to do this? Because the BorderManager Enhancement Pack (seen under two different file names BM35EP1.EXE and BM35EP1A.EXE) are old code, and you are not supposed to install any patches newer than BM35C02.EXE with the Enhancement Pack. Since the newest patch for BMgr 3.5 (as of June 22, 2000) is BM35C06.EXE, you are missing a lot of fixes by putting on the Enhancement Pack. You can expect some sort of problems to occur if you mix the Enhancement Pack and a newer patch.

There is no good reason to install the Enhancement Pack unless you need one of the specific new functions that patch enables.

Unfortunately, there is no uninstall option for the Enhancement Pack; you have to manually copy back the older versions of the following files into sys:system. Hopefully you still have them backed up!

These are the Enhancement Pack NLM's that should be replaced:

authgw.nlm 11/19/1999
cvpredir.nlm 12/20/1999
proxy.nlm 1/24/2000
vpmaster.nlm 11/19/1999
vpninf.nlm 11/19/1999

One of my BorderManager 3.5 test servers running on NetWare 5.0 is patched with BM35SP1.EXE and BM35C06.EXE. The dates of the same modules are:

authgw.nlm 10/6/1999
cvpredir <---there is no older or newer equivalent for this NLM
proxy.nlm 5/2/2000 <---this is updated with the BM35C06.EXE patch
vpmaster.nlm 5/20/1999
vpninf.nlm 10/6/1999

I would copy back the old NLM's from your backup directory, then reinstall the BM35C06.EXE patch, or whatever the latest BorderManager patch is afterBM35C06.

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