Scroll down for a number of general hints, tips and files for solving BorderManager and NetWare problems! (iFolder 1.x and 2.x tips link is at the bottom of this page).


Working mostly Linux migrations

For the past serveral years many of my clients are migrating from NetWare to OES Linux, either OES2 (SLES10) or OES11 (SLES11). OES11 is working well, and the migration bugs I saw early in the OES1 and OES2 days are mostly fixed. I've done migrations of file, iPrint, DNS, DHCP, iFolder, and GroupWise recently, and all have been successful. FILR is becoming an interesting product. GroupWise 2012 and 2014 are working well. Aside from taking old NetWare shops into the Linux world (or Microsoft), I've been doing a few Cisco ASA projects replacing old BorderManager servers. I've also been setting up VMWare ESXi servers, doing physical to virtual migrations, and setting up iSCSI SAN's.

The BorderManager Replacement Is Working Well

The Superlumin Nemesis server has been released for some time now, and I've used it for all my network access between 2010 and 2011. It has proven to be quite stable for me. I've been starting to do server migrations, and I'd like to do more! ALSO, I have completed work on revision 1 of my newest book - Migrating from BorderManager to SuperLumin Nemesis. See the link below.

BorderManager to SuperLumin Migrations Book

I've finished a new book called 'Migrating from BorderManager to SuperLumin Nemesis". This new ebook is available online at this link.

Common Network Services Book

I've finished the First Edition of my new book on DNS, DHCP and Web Servers on Windows, Linux and NetWare. This is the replacement for the earlier beta version that I put on sale at BrainShare in March, 2010. Please check out the new book at this link.

BorderManager graphic for your web page- You can use the graphic to the left for your reverse-proxied web sites if you like

Consulting Services Available

Need help Migrating from BorderManager to SuperLumin or Cisco ASA? Need help with your network? Perhaps help with older NetWare servers, Suse Linux, or Windows? Are you having or worried about migration issues going from (or to) NetWare to other operating systems? Are you ready to virtualize your servers onto VMWare? Thinking about setting up an iSCSI SAN with shared file services or clustered servers? How about getting a ZCM 11 server going to manage your Windows 7 PC's, and/or Linux systems>?

Need someone to troubleshoot that BorderManager server? How about ZENworks (all versions), NetWare, GroupWise (up to 2014), Microsoft or Linux network troubleshooting, NDS and network designs, OES Linux or NetWare server migrations, SLP, DNS, DHCP, WSUS, internetworking, router configuration, documentation, training, and more?

Craig Johnson Consulting, LLC is available for your project needs. Please go to this link for contact information and free and paid support options. Craig Johnson holds the following certifications: Novell CLE (Certified Linux Engineer), MCNE, CNE 3, 4.11, 5 and 6, Compaq ASE, Cisco CCNA and IBM PSE.

Some common requests I get are to analyze, document and fix VPN, filters, access rules, and routing issues which can be done via dial up or email, or to perform a BorderManager health check and document the server via pcANYWHERE, VNC or Citrix dial-in. When I go through your server, you can also consider it as intensive one-on-one training! I also do GroupWise, iFolder, eDirectory, and various other work. Click here for more information.

Current Schedule - Note - my business phone number is: 480-575-0629
Note: I sometimes forget to forward my phone from one office to another. If I don't answer on the above number, try 602-684-4473. However, I do generally receive email on my cell phone, so I'm not too hard to contact that way unless I forget my phone!

Mar 15-July 2-Available
July 3-12 - vacation in Colorado-Available
July 13- Jul 25-Available
July 25-Aug 3 - out of town-Unavailable

I have written a new book on migrating from BorderManager to SuperLumin Nemesis, complete with simple, easy-to-follow examples of commonly-used services. eDirectory single sign-on is covered, as is Forward, Reverse and Transparent Proxy, Generic Proxy, Static and Dynamic NAT, and examples of typical filter exceptions. Troubleshooting information is included to help decipher packet filtering, LDAP to eDirectory, partitioning new cache disks, and other problems.

The book is 135 pages long. It is intended for network administrators who are unfamiliar with the new SuperLumin replacement product for BorderManager.

Migrating from BorderManager to SuperLumin Nemesis

The First Edition, revision 1.0 is now on sale for $49.95.

Version 1.0
October 7, 2011
Craig Johnson

A description of this 135 page book is HERE.

You can order the book directly from HERE.

This document can only be purchased in Adobe Acrobat format. You can download a copy the same day you order it.

If you experience problems with the shopping cart system linked from this web site, please send email to

I have written a book on configuring DNS, DHCP and Web Servers on Windows 2003, NetWare 6.5, Suse Linux Enterprise Server 10 (SLES10) and Open Enterprise Server 2 (OES2) Linux. The book is 786 pages long. It is intended for network administrators who are unfamiliar with the concepts or procedures for configuring any of these services on one of the covered operating systems. It is particularly useful for Novell administrators transitioning from NetWare to Windows or Linux.

A Beginner's Guide to Common Network Services

The First Edition, revision 1.0 is now on sale for $54.95.

Version 1.0
April 31, 2010
Craig Johnson

A description of this 786 page book is HERE.

You can order the book directly from HERE.

This document can only be purchased in Adobe Acrobat format. You can download a copy the same day you order it.

If you experience problems with the shopping cart system linked from this web site, please send email to

LinkWall Suite for BorderManager

The LinkWall Suite for BorderManager is a database that resides on the BorderManager server and categorizes websites so you can block or allow them with Access Rules. Similar to SurfControl, but much cheaper! Up to 128 different categories, automated updating, easily-edited database lists, and integration with RTMonitor. You can buy LinkWall here.

Beginner's Guide to BorderManager 3.x

The Fourth Edition, Beta 1 is now on sale.

This new edition has 350 more pages than the Third Edition, and most of that covers new BorderManager 3.9 features, such as iManager menus, Pre-Shared Key VPN, and migration information. The Fourth Edition, beta 1 is a beta revision that I intend to enhance further as more real-world experience with BorderManager 3.9 comes in. Buyers of the beta version will get the final revision for free when it is finished. And finally, BM39SP1 beta is available, so I can update the book with some new features and bug fixes!

Finally, a book on BorderManager that shows examples of configuring all the proxies, gateways, VPNs and access rules, and much more. 1573 pages. Highly recommended by Novell.

Craig Johnson
Novell Support Connection SysOp
Fourth Edition, Beta 1
April 30, 2007

A description of this book is HERE.

Significant corrections to the book are shown HERE.

You can order the book directly from HERE.

You can order both the BorderManager 3.x book and the BorderManager Filtering book at the same time, and save $5 by clicking HERE.

If you experience problems with the shopping cart system linked from this web site, please send email to cjcsales2 "@" craigjconsulting "dot" com.

Novell BorderManager: A Beginner's Guide to Configuring Filter Exceptions

The only book of its kind - Understand and configure packet filter exceptions in BorderManager 2.1, 3.0, 3.5, 3.6 and 3.7, complete with many examples. Highly recommended by Novell.

Special Update Notice!!! I am working on revising this book to include new examples, and BorderManager 3.9 information. If you buy this book now, you will get a free upgrade to the Fourth edition of the Filtering Book when I get it ready for release.

Third Edition, Revision 2
November 27, 2002
Craig Johnson

A description of this 322 page book is HERE.

Significant corrections to the book are shown HERE.

You can order the book directly from HERE.

You can order both the BorderManager 3.x book and the BorderManager Filtering book at the same time, and save $5 by clicking HERE.

This will be a two-part download! Both of these books can only be purchased in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. You can download a copy the same day you order them.

If you experience problems with the shopping cart system linked from this web site, please send email to cjcsales2 "@" craigjconsulting "dot" com.

I have written a quick guide to configuring the (free) NMAS version of RADIUS which comes with BorderManager 3.8. This guide is not intended to be a book, and is only 46 pages long. It covers the basic installation and configuration of RADIUS, and shows how to test the installation, and also shows several common problems and their causes.

A Quick Guide to Configuring NetWare RADIUS (NMAS Version)

Beta 1
September 7, 2005
Craig Johnson

A description of this 46 page book is HERE.

You can order the book directly from HERE.

This document can only be purchased in Adobe Acrobat format. You can download a copy the same day you order it.

If you experience problems with the shopping cart system linked from this web site, please send email to cjcsales2 "@" craigjconsulting "dot" com.


LINKS to other web sites, including those for other Novell Support Connection forums Sysops, and NetWare-related sites can be seen HERE. (Updated Nov. 11, 2004)

Novell iFolder, BorderManager and NetWare hints, tips, and files

I strongly recommend BorderManager admins at least read tips 1, 6, 23 and 63 if this is the first visit to this web site.

Latest updates:

Mar. 19, 2015 - Updated iFolder tips with iFolder 3.9 buggy client fix tip. Link is at the bottom of this page.
Mar. 5, 2010 - updated tip #1.
Dec. 18, 2009 - updated tip #1, and added LinkWall purchase web page.
Apr. 2, 2009 - updated tip #1
Feb. 28, 2009 - updated tip #1
Jan. 24, 2009 - updated tip #1
Apr. 24 - updated tip #1
Mar. 23 - updated tip #1
Mar. 5 - updated tip #1
Feb. 29 - updated tip #1 and #63 with BM39SP1 updates
Jan. 15 - updated tip #1
Jan. 14 - updated tip #46
Dec. 16 - Updated tip #63
Dec. 13 - Updated tip #63
Dec. 9 - Updated tip #1 and #63

*** These tips are shown in (more or less) chronological order (some old ones may be obsolete - if it doesn't have a date on the tip, it is an older tip) ***

1. What are the current patches, and in what order do I apply them? I've tried to list them all HERE. (Updated Mar. 5, 2010.)

2. Changing the default filter exceptions to allow dial-up or cable modem interfaces with dynamically-assigned addresses to be used - click HERE.

3. Fixing the NBM 3.5 non-stateful POP3-ST filter definition - click HERE.

4. Preventing NetWare5 from bringing up a dial-up link (may also help CLNTRUST issues) - click HERE.

5. Fixing a NAT problem - click HERE.

6. A discussion of TCPIP.NLM issues - Click HERE. (updated Nov. 11, 2004)

7. Get the old, but reliable, BMTCPE4.EXE patch with TCPIP.NLM version 5.31a by clicking HERE. (Note: This tip is obsolete unless you are running BorderManager 2.1!)

8. Uninstalling the BorderManager 3.5 Enhancement Pack (not necessary with BM35SP2 or newer patches) - click HERE. (Note: This tip is obsolete.)

9. Unloading and reloading BorderManager modules, to get the server to shut down quickly or whatever - (BMON and BMOFF NCF files included!) - click HERE.

10. Making a custom error page for BorderManager (English and German sample included) - click HERE.


11. Understanding and fixing licensing problems - click HERE.

12. Removing all the filters and filter exceptions, a discussion of BRDCFG - click HERE.

13. What the default filters should look like - click HERE. (Updated Nov. 11, 2004)

14. The Third Edition, Revision 1 of my book on BorderManager is done! Click HERE for a description of the book. (Updated June 9, 2004)

15. Having Problems with CLNTRUST? Find answers HERE. (Updated Nov. 23, 2004)

16. No Security container exists in the NDS tree? Using NetWare 5.1? Get some help, and a file, HERE.

17. SAS Objects show as ? marks in NWADMNN32 on a NetWare 5.1 server? Get some help HERE.

18. Getting NWADMN32 to work with the BorderManager snapins. Some tips are HERE. (Updated Jun. 27, 2004)

19. How to load the BorderManager 3.x modules with command line options in AUTOEXEC.NCF for best results - go HERE. (Updated Nov. 10, 2004)

20. Fixing the -3 error when updating BorderManager in NWADMN32 - three ideas HERE.


21. Simon Begin's BorderManager free common log analysis program BRDSTATS - see the readme and get the file (version 1.50a, updated 12/5/2002) HERE.

22. CITRIX & Terminal Server Users! A tip on cookie-based authentication methods through the forward proxy are discussed HERE. (Updated Nov. 12, 2004)

23. Performance tuning your BorderManager server: - A) See the Proxy Tuning TID 3321740. Everyone should read this. B) You can download an NCF file with recommended settings HERE, but you use these settings at your own risk. (They may need adjustment for your environment!). C) Also see a Novell TID 3988333 on PROXY.CFG switches, and check out tip #63 below. D) If you use NetWare 6.5, be sure to tune the memory after it has run for a day or two. See a Novell TID HERE. (Updated tuneup file Sep. 2, 2003, added link to memory management TID Oct. 10, 2004)

24. Don't have the option to create a Login Policy Object in the Security container? Need a snapin to see it? See a tip HERE for extending the schema. (Updated Nov. 12, 2004)

25. A discussion of the IPFLT31 filtering module versions and issues, including an older version of IPFLT31.NLM to fix a stateful filtering problem is HERE. (Updated Dec. 6, 2004)

26. You can get a management MIB for BorderManager proxy by download this file. You can get a management MIB for BorderManager VPN by downloading this file.

27. Want to redirect that pesky NetWare 5.x, 6.0 or 6.5 GUI screen to your PC so that you can remotely install BorderManager? Here are the instructions, and some useful files. (Updated Sep. 16, 2003)

28. Fixing the SSL Proxy Authentication error "Login Failed. Please try again." See a tip HERE.

29. Getting the Windows Update feature to work with BorderManager - look HERE. (Updated Feb. 15, 2005)

30. No CyberPatrol menu choice in Access Rules? Non-English client32 installation? See a tip HERE.


31. A short history of NIAS and IPX/IP Gateway is HERE.

32. Changing user password in Proxy Authentication SSL login - see a tip HERE.

33. SSL login HTML page code from Novell (Feb. 2001) - download it HERE.

34. How to get Client-Site VPN working over a PPPoE DSL connection - two tips are HERE. (Updated May 15, 2004)

35. How to selectively refresh a single URL in the proxy cache - see a tip HERE. (Updated Nov. 12, 2004)

36. BorderManager 3.6 ACLCHECK reads rules very slowly - see the tip HERE.

37. Configuring a server to connect to an ISP with a standard analog modem. Here's a rough start.

38. To fix the CSAUDIT error 'Cannot Complete "Add" Operation', try the tip HERE.

39. If you have slow proxy performance after applying NW50SP6A or NW51SP2A, have a look HERE.


40. A list of supported FTP commands for FTP proxy is HERE.

41. One possible cause for the proxy unloading and reloading itself is HERE.

42. A way to scan incoming SMTP mail through the Mail Proxy for key words, potentially blocking viruses and spam - see the tip and associated file HERE. (Updated Sep. 4, 2002)

43. There's a trick to run a split DNS system on BorderManager, and you can see it HERE.

44. If you need to branch out of a login script based on the network address of a pure IP client (like for dial-up VPN connection), look at ideas HERE.

45. Manually clearing proxy authentication at your PC is discussed HERE. (Updated Nov. 12, 2004)

46. List of working and problem routers, and issues with Cable Modem/DSL routers and VPN over NAT are discussed HERE. (Updated Jan. 14, 2008)

47. Ways to block Chat programs, like ICQ, AOL Instant Messenger, and MSN Messenger are shown HERE. ((Updated Mar. 15, 2006)

48. NAT just quit working for you? Especially if you have renamed interfaces, have a look HERE.

49. Security issues with NetWare 5.1 Management Portal service are discussed HERE.


50. A tip for fixing slow Timesync and NDS Synchronization or SLP failure issues with BorderManager servers can be found HERE.

51. If you have problems adding a second public subnet to BorderManager, see the tip HERE. (Updated Aug. 23, 2001)

52. You can get a free Packet Filter Log Analysis tool HERE.

53. Have BorderManager 3.6, and want NetWare 5.1 runtime software? See the tip HERE.

54. I've reposted a good forum message explaining how to set up RADIUS and Cisco for dialback HERE.

55. Before trying to install BorderManager 3.6 on a NetWare 5.1 server patched to NW51SP3, check the tip HERE.

56. If you are having problems with IE 5.5 and Reverse Proxy authentication, see the tip HERE.

57. There is a brief explanation of packet filter log fields HERE.

58. If you are having problems with BorderManager caching pages that it should not, look HERE.

59. You can get the answer to making Internet Explorer on a Macintosh work with SSL Proxy Authentication HERE. (Updated May 15, 2004)


60. A tip for getting Mail Proxy to work more reliably can be found HERE.

61. A couple of tips for viewing PDF files in browsers are HERE.

62. A logging problem with TCP IP DEBUG output on NetWare 6 is discussed HERE.

63. You can read about and download a copy of my PROXY.CFG file, rev. 30, HERE. (Updated Feb. 29, 2008)

64. You can autoconfigure a laptop or PC to use a proxy on the local LAN but not otherwise with a PROXY.PAC file. Discussion and samples HERE. (Updated May 13, 2013)

65. RDATE quit working, using the examples in my books. The example server is gone, but you can see 3 replacements HERE.

66. If IPX disappears from your Site-to-Site VPN after you applied a recent BorderManager patch, see the fix HERE.

67. Confused about user licensing requirements for BorderManager, NetWare or RADIUS? Need free NetWare 6.x server software and licenses? Have a look at the tip HERE. (Updated Nov. 12, 2004)

68. Some SurfControl issues I know about are discussed HERE. (Updated Apr. 5, 2007)

69. Several programs for adjusting MTU size (for Client-Site VPN issues) are linked HERE.


70. If you would like to block pop-up windows and advertisements, see the tip HERE.

71. Several methods for configuring proxy settings in browsers are discussed HERE. (Updated Aug. 15, 2003)

72. Real-time monitoring of BorderManager browsing via the RTMonitor program is discussed HERE. Demo program available here as well. (Updated Oct. 27, 2006)

73. Sudden onset of sluggish server performance and poor internet performance - two reasons explained HERE. (Updated Sep. 1, 2003)

74. I have some iManager 2.0 tips HERE which may help you get iManager working to administer BorderManager 3.8. (Updated Sept. 12, 2003)

75. Need an updated B57 / Q57 driver for your Gigabit Broadcom-based network card? See the discussion and file links HERE. (Updated Aug. 1, 2004)

76. NBM 3.8 Client-Site VPN error 'Failed receiving server public DH value' error explained HERE. (Sep. 20, 2005)

77. If you have a BorderManager 3.8 Site-Site VPN server that won't start VPN services, look HERE for answers. (Updated Aug. 7, 2005)

78. If you cannot access your BorderManager 3.8 private IP address over a Client-Site VPN connection, have a look HERE for some answers. (Updated Dec. 18, 2004)

79. Problems accessing secondary IP addresses on your NetWare server over a bridged Internet connection? See the cause, and a possible workaround HERE. (Updated Feb. 25, 2005)

80. Some ways to try to block Google Images search are shown HERE. (Updated Mar. 11, 2005)

81. A reason why you need to be careful using the new NONDS function of the FILTSRV.NLM module from the BM38SP4_IR2 (and possibly later) patch is shown HERE. (Updated Dec. 8, 2005)

82. Disable the volume low warning message when a cache volume is full: HERE. (Updated May 19, 2006)

83. Block remote proxy servers to prevent users from bypassing your access rules HERE. (Updated June 17, 2007)

Here are some tips not specifically related to BorderManager...

Click HERE for a multiboot menu for Caldera DR DOS, IBM PC DOS and MS DOS (sample included).

How to efficiently search Novell's Knowledgebase to find just the information you want - click HERE

How to access the Novell Public Forums efficiently (use an NNTP reader) - click HERE.

NetWare 4.10 owners needing the strtl8a.exe patch (168k) in order to run the Upgrade Wizard can get it HERE. (Yes, nothing to do with BorderManager, but feel free to buy a copy of one of my books too!)

Need to convert a Windows PC from static IP addresses to DHCP? Try the DHCPME.EXE utility (from the ZENWorks Cool Solutions web site - don't know if it is still available there as it seems to be hard to find).

Want to improve the DNS/DHCP Management Console for NetWare 5.0? See this tip from Marcel Cox.

Here's some information on how to open an incident with Novell, including reporting software bugs.

Need the NLDAPI.NLM to recreate NLDAP objects? Click HERE to download it (may need to hold shift key down).

Some tips on iFolder 1.x, 2.x and 3.x are HERE. (Updated March 19, 2015)